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2011, Album Review, Thrash Metal

Entrench – Inevitable Decay

Old-school is cool.

After being close to non-existent, members from Entrench reunited and have recorded the full length Inevitable Decay for all those Thrash lovers around the globe.

It’s good they decided to stick together, because Entrench finally delivers a full length that is an immediate classic. No dicking around on this one.

With recent efforts from such great bands as Hemoptysis and Exeloume, the new Entrench rises above with a more convincing attitude and a  sound that feels less produced, giving Inevitable Decay a super raw  and violent touch.

The riff heavy tracks will have you blazing through the album. You can feel the aggressive nature of the songs, that are dripping with speed and those characteristic dirty spit screams.

There is  no moment for rest on Inevitable Decay. Even the slower parts resonate with such a threatening pulse that you’ll have a hard time pulling your attention away before the album is over. Like you want to!?

If you need a reason to get interested in Thrash Metal again then Entrench is going to do it.

Label: Abyss Records

Entrench is: Fredrik Pellbrink – Guitar and Vocals | Joel Sundin – Bass | Victor Holmström -drums

Entrench on Myspace 



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